Milanorovina: rip ME, Iinatti (Country Music)

29 Marza 2019

Milanorovina: rip ME, Iinatti (Country Music)

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CM – Country Music (Stockholm, Sweden)

Daniel Iinatti is a Stockholm based DJ and curator who together with Anna Sagström is the founder of Country Music.
Being the resident DJ of Country Music his style of deejaying ranges from slowstyle to gabber, with all that is hard and ecstatic in between.

rip ME is characterized by a forceful lust to experiment, a desire to mess things around until they’re screwed up enough to make perfect sense.
Navigating between hardcore, ambient and deeply emotional melodies, through a landscape of broken rhythms, toss and turn across darkness, chaos and glory, rip ME activates the dancefloor with force and precision.

→ Country Music is a collaborative project by Daniel Iinatti and Anna Sagström that is born on the factory floors of the rural rust belts, in the corrosive regress of life and tempo in downgraded de-industrialized wastelands and anti-growth environments, and in the urban steel knit of precarious compositions.
An alloy of work, speed and materials formed out of the potential energy of underused spaces to envisage music from the contemporary periphery. A reimagined music of the land, towards a new Country Music.

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